De Ja Vu

De ja vu is a feeling of familiar about things that happening, (as if) we already experience it before. I’ll not talk about de ja vu itself but about myself. Often I felt de ja vu in this last two month. Sometimes it came when I was eating, when I was typing, working.

Actually, there was no advantage or disadvantage I obtained when I was experiencing it. There were only weird, strange feeling flow in my mind. My hint for anyone experience this feeling, just feel the sensation and then ignore it, it just an strange wonderful experience.

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Bargaining when Buying Meals

ITC DepokToday there was a unique event happened in my life again. This event happened at ITC Depok while me and my friend was waiting for the rain to stop.

Bargaining is something natural and often happen in social life. But something that makes me shock (a little) was the bargaining was for meals sales. This was the first time I bargain for the meal sale in my whole life. I wondered why the seller who initiated the bargaining and not me. I guessed he is also the owner of the store and still customized the meal’s price. More or less these are our conversation (translated to english ):

Me: I order 2 indomie pake telor, How much each?

Him: Rp. 5000,-

Me: (Wrinkling my forehead)

Him: (Suddenly say) In other place how much each?

Me: Rp. 4000,-

Him: OK, Rp. 4000,-

Actually I didn’t mean to bargain for the meal, but the seller offer me a cheaper price. How lucky I am, and my friend, of course.

Note: indomie pake telor is a meal made from instant mie and an egg

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Three Accidents in a Week

This week is an amazing and wonderful week in my life, but in a bad thing. There are three accident happened in front of my nose consecutively in three days. Fortunately I am not a part of the accident. Since I was using my motorcyle this is the only week when three accidents happened.

First accident happened at night. Tuesday November 11 2008. When I was a little sleepy at fly over from Kelapa Dua to Pasar Minggu where there is a curve way a motorcyle fell down and the equipment he/she bring spattered. Alhamdulillah, the man/woman get down not precisely in front of me, so I can go through him/her.

Second accident happened at Lenteng Agung when I was going to work Wednesday November 12 2008. It happened when suddenly a car slow down and the motorcyle behind it still in high speed, so the motorcyle crashed the car and the rider fell down. A little unfortunately I was not far from there, but I passed the accident by riding on the fell down motorcyle and I almost fell down too.

And the last accident happened yesterday when I was going to work too at Universitas Pancasila. There was a Suzuki Thunder ride the in high speed to override a car. Although the space are to narrow, the rider attempted to pass through it. And the result is the Suzuki Thunder and the rider fell down. Fortunately I am not as near as the second accident, so I can passed it easily.

From the last three accidents, I took a lesson learn to do anything not too harsh, carefully and accurately.

Note: Picture at the left side, only indirect illustration

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Get Connected from My Rent Home (kos-kosan)

This is the first time, I was connected to internet from my rent home near the UI Campus, Depok. Usually, if  the heavy rain come and at the same time I am in my rent home, I can do anything except read book and hope the rain will stop soon. But now, everything had been transformed into a better condition.

Today, the heavy rain came, and I was in my rent home. But today, I can connect to the internet and do many thing by accessing information I need. This is the first time I connect to internet from my rent house.

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Birthday of this blog

birth day of this blog

Today, Saturday November 8, 2008 is the first day this blog published.

There was nothing special in this blog yet, except the blog itself, and the author (of course).

Happy Birthday

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Birthday of Suharjono

November 17, 1986 night is the time a cute baby born from Djeminah’s uterus. The baby was named Suharjono. Yeah, he is me.

Before the name Suharjono gave to me, there are several candidates of name. Some of them are ‘Purnomo’, ‘Purwanto’ and ‘Suharjono Suryaningrat’–the name of one of ministers of Indonesia at that time. Finally the latest name chosed by my father to be my name, but without word ‘Suryaningrat’. The reason was the inexisting of inheritance from keraton family to my family.

And the picture at the left side of course is not mine, it is only an illustration. Actually, I was cuter than that photo and also had more melanin hormone on the skin than the baby at the picture.

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